Lakeshore is “connected hiring”. We have created a peer-to-peer marketplace for recruiting professionals, where collaboration creates the best hire for both Candidates and Employers.

Here are 10 reasons to invest Lakeshore.

1. Untapped Trillion $ Market

The US payroll was estimated to be $13T in 2015; the 3rd party recruiting industry today ($130B in 2014) represents only a fraction (<10%) of the total available market share of hiring transactions annually.

2. Inevitable Industry Disruption

The model used today is over 40 years old and is inefficient and distrusted. Industry experts know that a new model will emerge and Lakeshore is on the leading edge of this wave of innovation.

3. Trusted Advisors, Not Recruiters

Within 10 years, all persons participating in the talent acquisition process will have an agent who serves as their exclusive trusted advisor.

4. High Market Growth

Due to high demand for specialized skill sets, a contracting labor force (retiring baby boomers) and shifting business strategies the industry is projected to grow by $19B in 2016. International CEOs agree there is no more important activity for companies and the economy than talent acquisition in the next 10 years.

5. Significant Traction & Product Demand

Lakeshore’s ARR is currently $3.3MM with 75%+ margins. Agent user count has grown 84%YOY with no internal sales team and bootstrapped resources. The market is ready for Lakeshore’s product and model.

6. High Potential Valuation

Large legacy businesses in the space demand multi-billion $ valuations. Some new-age technology tools providers like LinkedIn ($50B) are worth more by a degree of multiples. We believe that the successful disrupter will provide a valuation that rivals legacy and modern tech tool businesses.

7. Credibility & Experience

The Lakeshore Team is comprised of executives with extensive experience in growing and scaling VC backed technology startups as well as vast experience in the industry itself. There is no better team to execute the Lakeshore vision.

8. Values Matter Most

We are highly focused on creating great outcomes and experiences for all of our stakeholders. Investors can trust that we are passionate about delivering maximum returns for those who believe in our dream.

9. High Impact & Return

Lakeshore offers the possibility for incredible returns and a positive impact on humanity. A rare combination. Solving the jobs market is the one of the largest opportunities for innovation in modern times, and we are obsessed with capitalizing on the opportunity to be on the forefront of this change.

10. Now or Never

Lakeshore will be pursuing Series A in H1, 2016. This is your last chance to invest before that happens and while the valuation and risk are favorable.

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